Sahn Malen Village: Then and Now

1968 to 2011

Photos courtesy of Steve and Peggy Garber.

1968 Oil Palm Grove

1968 young, well tended oil palm grove with termite mound

In 2010 the oil palm trees are gown tall. The grove is overgrown and difficult to harvest.


1968 Palm Oil Mill

The cement water tank is all that remains of the once busy palm oil mill. Today there is a satellite dish mounted on top of the ruin that feeds to a generator run TV in the nearby community center.












Empty clinic in 1968.

Clinic and Nurses’ Residence in 2010










2010 one of several water wells

2010 Motorcycle Ambulance

1968 Primary School

2010 Primary School

1968 School Bell

2010 Additional Primary Buildings

2010 Jr Secondary School

2011 school planning meeting in the rebuilt Court Bari