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Bo Teacher Workshop 2011


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Although Sierra Leone is enjoying peace, the educational infrastructure is still recovering from the devastation of a decade-long civil war – and an almost 2 year shut down because of ebola.

One of the challenges for teachers in Sierra Leone in remote villages is to become a certified teacher. To do this, teachers must attend summer classes for three consecutive years. Currently, we are sponsoring 9 of our teachers to become certified. We need your help in sponsoring these teachers – and the many more on the waiting list. The cost to sponsor one teacher is $300/year, $25/month, less than $1/day. Please consider helping a teacher become certified so they can become recognized by the Ministry of Education and begin receiving a monthly salary from the government.  Click HERE to sponsor a teacher NOW!   Make sure you designate teacher sponsorship.

In December 2015, Schools for Salone launched it’s first post-ebola teacher training in collaboration with the Sierra Leone Book Trust, working with all our schools on establishing school libraries. Now in 2016, we are planning follow visits and trainings for all our schools, with trained librarians traveling to each school to work with each school to develop these small libraries even more.

In April 2016, PEN-SL held literacy workshops focused on Class 4, 5 and 6 teachers from all our schools in the Western Area, North and South. Then in May, The Learning Foundation held literacy trainings focused on Class 1, 2 and 3 teachers.

In July 2016, we held an all day workshop with our education quality partners in Freetown. We are thrilled to have as a result an in-depth, 2 year schedule of on going literacy and library trainings to support our teachers in their classrooms. In addition, we plan to resume the summer training workshops in July 2017, led again by Drs Catherine and Richard Frazier. We are in the planning phase of next summer’s training.

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Dr. Catherine and Dr. Richard Frazier have led the teams of volunteers each summer to the Teachers Teaching Teachers (TTT) Workshops. 

Drs. Catherine and Richard Frazier are assembling another team of volunteers, under the sponsorship of Schools for Salone, for the 2017 Summer Conference. Volunteers are needed to conduct this professional development workshop for teachers in Sierra Leone.

The Fraziers, former Peace Corps Volunteers in Sierra Leone in the 1970s, are both professional educators. Since 2005 they have enjoyed working with enthusiastic and appreciative teachers in annual workshops in Makeni and Bo.  The workshops have have focused on integrating local resources with school curriculum and teaching teachers how to create their own learning and teaching materials. The workshops have grown in scope and sequence every summer and have attracted volunteers from around the world, including all over the U.S., Canada and Europe.

If you have interest in this type of volunteer work, please contact: Dr. Richard Frazier at Richard_frazier@hotmail.com  and include “Bo Teacher Workshop” in the subject field.

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Here are some photos we snapped from our trip in 2011: