Edu. for All sch. 1-2

Construction begins for Kei Kamara/Michael Lahoud School

The groundbreaking ceremony for the Kei Kamara/Michael Lahoud Education for All Primary School was May 19, 2015. Our team is working hard to build this school. Construction on the school is progressing quickly!

Edu for All sch. 2-1

Here is the latest photo of the school 4 August, 2015. More to come soon!


Education For All Sch. 1 Education For All Sch. 5


Attention to detail!

DSC_0000172 IMG_1161


Setting the pillars to support the walls


The foundation coming together


Mixing cement to make the building blocks


Setting the foundation


marking footprintcommunity leaders ready for the ceremony

Community leaders break groundWorker waiting

Outline of the school foundationSand and rock needed for construction

Rocks at construction siteBlocks lying in sun to dry

Building a temporary water tank for constructionBuilding a temporary water tank




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