Keeping Girls in School!

We are excited to announce that Schools for Salone’s Uman Talk Program is being awarded a $60,000 grant from the US Embassy Sierra Leone!!! This grant will be used to expand our reproductive health education programs and establish a project to make sustainable, reuseable menstruation kits in Sierra Leone. We are honored and thrilled to make this dream a reality for girls and women in Sierra Leone!

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Every girl in Sierra Leone deserves education, safety, and dignity. Imagine not having access to the feminine hygiene supplies we take for granted as well as privacy, clean water and soap? Our goal is to make sure that EVERY girl in our schools has access to feminine hygiene supplies, clean water, soap and a safe, clean toilet – and the information needed to take care of themselves.

In May, 2016, our two social workers, Juliet and Mannah completed their first health education and personal hygiene trainings at our schools in the western area. Juliet worked with the women teachers and girl students, Mannah worked with the boys and men. The sessions also included lessons in self defense for the girls and respecting women for the boys. We are VERY excited to take these lessons – and the feminine hygiene kits to all our schools – and beyond!

In August 2016, Juliet attended a Days for Girls training in Uganda to learn how to make the kits in country, and how to set up kit creation and distribution as a local project. We are excited to have kits more readily available once we have developed this to  and provide an additional source of income for women in Sierra Leone.

With this exciting new program, along with making sure ALL our schools have clean, sanitary toilets and rainwater hand washing stations, we want to make sure ALL our girls stay in school! Please help support keeping girls in school! Only $12 buys a menstruation kit to keep a girl in school!

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Make sure to designate Uman Talk for your donation to go specifically to this program.

Uman Talk at NiagorehunUman Talk at Sembehun

Uman Talk at KaliaUman Talk at Lungi

Uman Talk at Bumagbumbeh

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Donate $12 today to keep a girl in school!