Mamboma Library officially open!

This library was just a dream when Cindy was in Mamboma in October. Many thanks to a long time friend of Schools for Salone who wanted to make this library a dream come true. This “study house” will serve two primary schools and one junior secondary school in the area, over 700 students. The library was officially opened on July 17, 2016 with a wonderful opening ceremony.

NOW we need to fill the shelves with books! Please purchase a book or two for a child so we can make sure every child has access to curriculum textbooks, resource books and reading books that are culturally appropriate.

$8 purchases an 8 book set of books for primary school children.

$32 purchases a 16 book set of reading books written and illustrated by West African authors.

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Help us fill the library shelves with books for the students!!!

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