Mamboma Library becomes a reality!

This library was just a dream when Cindy was in Mamboma in October. Many thanks to a long time friend of Schools for Salone who wanted to make this library a dream come true. This “study house” will serve two primary schools and one junior secondary school in the area, over 700 students. NOW we need to fill the shelves with books! Please purchase a book or two for a child so we can make sure every child has access to curriculum textbooks, resource books and reading books that are culturally appropriate.

$8 purchases an 8 book set of books for primary school children.

$32 purchases a 16 book set of reading books written and illustrated by West African authors.

Click HERE to purchase some books!

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Help us fill the library shelves with books for the students!!!

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Kei Kamara/Mike Lahoud Education for All school

Kei Kamara visiting the school in January, 2016

Kei Kamara (NE Revolution) and Mike Lahoud (Miami FC), two professional soccer players born in Sierra Leone, joined forces to build the Kei Kamara/Mike Lahoud Education for All Primary School. This school provides access to disadvantaged children in Allen Town, East End Freetown. Groundbreaking began in May 2015 and classes began on September 7, 2015. 50 children enrolled in that first year of classes at the school in Sept, 2o15. Today there are over 150 children working hard to make their dreams come true. We continue to need your support for these remarkable children and their teachers. Please donate today! 

Check out this video just released by FIFPro in honor of Kei and Mike’s FIFPro Merit Award:

Read more about Kei’s remarkable journey and his collaborative efforts with Mike Lahoud and Schools for Salone in Rolling Stone:

We are almost finished Phase II! The Soccer Pitch is almost finished! Joseph and Aunti Musu joined in the first match! Donate HERE to help support this exciting project! 



DSCN2706 DSCN2736


SfS Board Member James Mannah at the school in May 2016


Finishing the security gates at the school

IMG_0713IMG_0721-1  DSC00427-1   DSC00431-1

Working on the soccer pitch! Water is a critical issue in Freetown area and must be trucked in to complete the construction.

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This school is headed by Mamusu Tarawali. She is one of our star teachers we have worked with for many years, featured in the documentary, Brownstones to Red Dirt. Before Sierra Leone’s civil war broke out, Mamusu Tarawalie was a young woman with a passion for learning. But when war came to her village, her instinct took over. As she fled the rebels, she saw a baby strapped to the back of a woman lying in the street. The woman had been killed during a firefight and the baby was left for dead. Mamusu turned around and ran towards the battle. She untied the child and ran to safety with him. Balla would be the first of 9 children Mamusu would adopt. When the fighting stopped and the children she had taken in had no school, Mamusu worked with her mentor to start one. The Children in Crisis School would go on to serve over 400 children and become a project for Schools for Salone. With more children needing a school, Mamusu undertook the massive task of starting a school from scratch. This time, she had Kei Kamara, Mike Lahoud and Schools for Salone to help her.

Now that the school is completed, the soccer field almost completed, our plans are to construct a home for Headmistress Mamusu and  the orphaned children she rescued during the war. With help from our sponsors a generation of children have grown up in classrooms instead of on the streets.

We need $50,000 to make this dream come true for these orphaned children and the woman who saved them. Please donate now to help us make a safe, clean home possible for these special children.


Kei Kamara’s Long Journey Home, featured on

Critical Water and Sanitation improvements to all our schools!

We are making sure all our schools have proper sanitation and clean water. This is critical in preventing many of the diseases in Sierra Leone. To do this, we are upgrading the latrine facilities at all our schools and installing rainwater collection handwashing stations. Education is inextricably linked to health. One cannot have one without the other. Thank you to all who are making this possible! Currently we are working on new toilets in Lungi, Niagorehun, Junctionla and Sahn Malen.

Your $20 gift now will buy a couple bags of cement to make this possible!

IMG_0722 IMG_0598 IMG_0393 DSCN2235

A school for Kalia!

Kalia, a small village in the Southern Province of Sierra Leone, was devastated during the Ebola crisis. Thirty-five people died, leaving 52 orphaned children. Thanks to generous support from the Schultz Family Foundation, we are helping the village to move forward. During the height of the outbreak, the entire village was quarantined, resulting in the destruction of the surrounding farms. The village relies almost completely on subsistence farming to feed the residents. The destruction led to a high level of hunger and food security.  Several months ago our team supplied emergency bags of rice, bags of onions, cartons of fish, rubbers of cooking oil along with hand washing buckets, detail and endless bars of soap. On April 13, 2015, Programme for Children presented 100 sleeping mats and blankets to the children of Kalia, as well as books, school supplies, 70 bags of rice, groundnut, tomato and rice seed for a Food for Work program aimed at helping the farmers replant their fields. Joseph reported, “I have never seen children so happy.”

With generous support from the McPherson Family Foundation and other donors, our team completed the Kalia Primary School in September, 2015. The opening ceremony took place on Wednesday, October 7th, 2015. After the devastation from Ebola, the joy and jubilation of the community was palpable that day. Below, we’ve added photos from that day of celebration.

DSCN1961DSCN1973   DSCN2019 DSCN2009 DSCN1987DSCN1974DSCN1976DSCN2037DSCN2034 DSCN2063    DSCN2088DSCN2077

Kalia school project 1Kalia sch. project 6Kalia sch. project 4DSC08465 IMG_0177IMG_0176 IMG_0188IMG_0189IMG_0187IMG_0186IMG_0219IMG_0220IMG_0221IMG_0222




Karlia Village 2 Karlia Village 4 Karlia Village 6 Karlia Village 3 Karlia food distribution Karlia Village 8 Karlia Village 7


Help Bill Hamid build a school

Bill Hamid said hello to Schools for Salone Executive Director Cindy Nofziger and her son Michael after a game with D.C. United.


#ffd100 Raised $5,000 towards the $55,000 target.


Bill Hamid, goalie for Major League Soccer’s D.C. United team, is helping to raise funds for a school in Sierra Leone. A native of Annandale, Virginia, Bill’s parents were raised in Sierra Leone.

He made his professional debut on May 5, 2010, in a game against the Kansas City Wizards, becoming the youngest goalkeeper in MLS history, at 19 years 161 days, to win a regular season game.



Bill talks about playing at the champion’s level in this video by Copper Pot Pictures:

BILL HAMID: The Future from Copper Pot Pictures on Vimeo.

If you would like to help Bill build a school in Sierra Leone,

email Cindy Nofziger, Executive Director.

or make a donation now online.