Conservation Education

Moseilelo School Construction Project: Conservation Education Schools for Salone is excited to  partner with Tacugama, a chimpanzee sanctuary in the Western Area Peninsula National Park in Sierra Leone. Tacugama was established in 1995 to enforce the law and rehabilitate confiscated, orphaned and abandoned chimpanzees with the aim to release back them into their natural habitat.  Sierra [...]

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Gbumbeh Primary School is completed – and gets Solar!

Gbumbeh Primary School! is finally complete! A far cry for the original school we found in the village. Cindy visited Gbumbeh Primary School on October 9, 2015, seeing the new school for the first time. The school is the pride and joy of this village. It was chosen as a workshop site for teachers [...]

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A school for Kalia!

Kalia, a small village in the Southern Province of Sierra Leone, was devastated during the Ebola crisis. Thirty-five people died, leaving 52 orphaned children. Thanks to generous support from the Schultz Family Foundation, we are helping the village to move forward. During the height of the outbreak, the entire village was quarantined, resulting in the [...]

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Schools Reopen April 14, 2015!

  The Ebola crisis has subsided, allowing classes to resume on Tuesday, April 14, 2015. While many parents were still reluctant to send their children back to school, we hope that the classrooms will be filled again to overflowing soon. In preparation, our team in Sierra Leone made repairs to several of our schools: Sembehun, [...]

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2014 Reports

2014 was a busy and full year for us, made more complicated and challenging because of the devastation spread throughout Sierra Leone by Ebola. We are grateful for the generous support we have received and feel incredibly responsible to use these funds efficiently, effectively and wisely. Below are links to Schools for Salone 2014 Annual Report and our Sierra [...]

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Our 2015 calendar is HERE!!

Our 2015 Schools for Salone calendar is ready! We are now taking orders for our beautiful, newly designed 2015 calendar, featuring photos from across Sierra Leone. The photos collected in the calendar were taken by Peace Corps Volunteers who served before and after the war and represent Mama Salone through the eyes of those who [...]

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We are supporting infection control trainings on the front lines in Sierra Leone

Schools for Salone is working with Dr Dan Kelly and his team in Sierra Leone to provide infection control training on the front lines. Please join us to help support these important efforts to educate and STOP Ebola in Sierra Leone! Photo by Wellbody Alliance.  

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