Stop Ebola!

In Sierra Leone, Ebola is devastating communities, tearing families apart, and spreading fear throughout the country. Over 2,400 people have died in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone combined. Unfortunately, the situation is still getting worse, not better. Our team is working hard to support our 16 school communities and we are collaborating with groups on the front lines in Sierra Leone to support infection control training and health education efforts.
Health Education, Sanitation and Hygiene Supplies, Providing Rice
Our team, thanks to your generous support, has worked hard over the last couple of months to provide sanitation and hygiene supplies to our school communities. In addition, they participated in a meeting in early August with other NGO’s to join the coordinated efforts to disseminate Ministry of Health flyers and health education materials. Because of increasing food insecurity in these vulnerable communities, 40 bags of rice have been delivered to teacher and student families at our schools.
                                                Lansana providing supplies/health education
Supplies ready to go!                                                           Rice!
Infection Control Training Schools for Salone is working with Dr Dan Kelly, Wellbody Alliance, from UC San Francisco and their team in Sierra Leone to provide infection control training on the front lines.

Infection control training. Photo by Wellbody Alliance.

Community Radio
We are also working to support community radio in Sierra Leone during this Ebola crisis. Community radio is one of the most effective ways to disseminate up to date and correct information about the outbreak and health education efforts. We are proud to be working with The Foundation for West Africa and radio stations KISS 104 Bo, SLBC Bo and Radio Moa 105.5 FM in Eastern Sierra Leone during this time of crisis.


Community radio. Photo by the Foundation for West Africa.

Please Help Our Efforts to Send Support!
It is paramount that we all stay informed and work to spread the word about the devastation of Ebola in West Africa. Our choice to work with smaller organizations on the frontlines like Wellbody Alliance and The Foundation for West Africa is one way that we as a small organization and as a collective whole, can truly make an impact. Whether working directly at the village level, such as our team providing sanitation and hygiene supplies, health education and rice in our 16 school communities or supporting community radio health education efforts and essential infection control training to health workers in the hospitals by Wellbody Alliance – our collective support is making a difference in people’s lives.
Food insecurity is currently very high in the villages where are 16 schools are located. We will be sending additional funds to supply more rice this week. A bag of rice costs about $40 and 100% of all funds coming in to help with these food/Ebola efforts will be used to buy rice and support these vulnerable people. Please give as generously as you can – time is of the essence. Give today and help Sierra Leone stop this deadly, frightening disease.
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If you are looking for a FUN way to increase Ebola awareness and raise money, follow this link to learn more about the KickEbolaInTheButt Campaign launched September 14 by Mike Lahoud, Sierra Leone born MLS player for Philadelphia Union and the Sierra Leone National Team and Thilo Kunkel, Assistant Professor in Sport Management at Temple University.
The first KickEbolaInTheButt kick!  Mike Lahoud and Thilo Kunkel