A new way to get involved

We are pleased to be joining in a new national effort by older Americans to redirect senior discounts to organizations that strengthen their communities. Those who are eligible for senior discounts (or know someone who is eligible) can help us revitalize communities, empower children, and improve socioeconomic conditions for families, communities, and future generations in Sierra Leone by donating your savings from senior discounts. After enrolling with our campaign, you can easily record and donate some or all of your senior discounts. You can let your savings accumulate to $20 and be automatically donated, or you can choose to donate at the time you receive a discount. You can also follow the progress of our campaign and see how many others are participating and the amount donated thus far.

Together we can demonstrate that small discounts really do add up. It’s easy! We’re partnering with Boomerang Giving and using their new iPhone and Android app to let you record and donate your senior discounts with a few taps on the screen. Click here to see our Boomerang campaign and get involved!

Books for Children Campaign

IMG_0396IMG_0403With this campaign, our goal is to raise $1,500 to provide 750 locally written and illustrated books to our new library in Mamboma. This library was just a dream when Cindy was in Mamboma in October. Many thanks to a long time friend of Schools for Salone who wanted to make this library a dream come true. This “study house” will serve two primary schools and one junior secondary school in the area, over 700 students. NOW we need to fill the shelves with books!

Please join our campaign to make it happen!


We are so excited about this opportunity to meet an important community need and we welcome your participation! If you have any questions about the campaign, please contact Natalie Gordon, To learn more about Boomerang Giving and this new way for older Americans to give back, go to

Thank you for your support!