Buma School & Well


Buma is south of Bo toward Pujehun near Koribundu and Kandor. Badly needing to improve their soggy two-room mud & stick school, the community reached out to partner with Schools for Salone.

The original Buma school was vulnerable to rain and wind.

Schools for Salone founder and executive director Cindy Nofziger met with the Buma community in 2008.









Thanks to the support of the Eve Jaffee Memorial Fund and project management by Masanga Children’s Fund, the new school was built in 60 days for $17,000.

The project included 3 classrooms, 1 office, 1 storeroom, a 3 compartment pit latrine, 45 sets of benches, 4 tables, 7 chairs and 1 water well with a hand pump.

Schools for Salone requires the community to be involved with decisions regarding school construction. Women have a voice in decisionmaking.

Along with the school, the community received a new water well.









The school was finished in May of 2007 and dedicated during a visit by Schools for Salone Founder Cindy Nofziger in February 2008.

The new school at Buma. 2007.