Ebola Crisis

Lansana providing supplies and health education


From June of 2014 through early 2015, Schools for Salone focused a significant portion of our efforts on providing support for Ebola relief by distributing rice, sanitation supplies, radios, and learning materials to support national education efforts and health education. The communities where we work were disproportionately at risk during the Ebola crisis. Families had no buffer against crises like the Ebola outbreak, and as a result were incredibly susceptible to compounding devastation including lack of access to adequate healthcare, food insecurity, isolation, and lack of education opportunities. Because of the prompt, tenacious response of our partners in Sierra Leone, Programme for Children, there were NO suspected cases or deaths from Ebola in ANY of the communities we work with. One of our teachers from a community three miles from our school in Sembehun, did contract Ebola when his village of Benduma was savagely affected. However, his life was spared thanks to swift action and the effective treatment team at the Bo area Médecins Sans Frontièrs (MSF) center.

Education is inextricably linked to health, clean water and good sanitation and hygiene. Good health is inextricably linked to education. Moving forward, we are determined to improve access to and quality of education in our communities as well as improve the quality of water and sanitation – key to fighting not only Ebola, but the many other diseases that plague these vulnerable communities. This report describes specific actions that Schools for Salone and Programme for Children, took since June, 2014 to support and protect the fragile communities where we work.

Thanks to you, our generous donors, we received a total of $53,115 to fight Ebola. To date, we have sent $56,150 to Sierra Leone to provide life sustaining and educational support during this unprecedented time. Please click here to read our  2014-15 SfS Ebola Report

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Health Education, Sanitation and Hygiene Supplies, Providing Rice
Our team, thanks to your generous support,  worked hard since the beginning of the outbreak to provide sanitation and hygiene supplies to our school communities. In addition, they participated in a meeting in August, 2014 with other NGO’s to join the coordinated efforts to disseminate Ministry of Health flyers and health education materials. Because of increasing food insecurity in these vulnerable communities, 350 bags of rice were delivered to teacher and student families at our schools.


Joseph delivering rice to quarantined area in Freetown.
Supplies ready to go!                                                        Rice!
$40 buys a bag of rice for a student/teacher family
$100 buys 5 buckets for hand washing and sanitation supplies for 5 families
$300 buys 15 buckets and sanitation supplies for 15 families

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Infection Control Training Schools for Salone helped support Wellbody Alliance, from UC San Francisco, and their team in Sierra Leone to provide infection control training on the front lines.

Infection control training. Photo by Wellbody Alliance.

Community Radio
During the height of the crisis we also worked to support community radio in Sierra Leone. Community radio is one of the most effective ways to disseminate up to date and correct information about the outbreak and health education efforts. We are proud to be have supported The Foundation for West Africa and radio stations KISS 104 Bo, SLBC Bo and Radio Moa 105.5 FM in Eastern Sierra Leone during the crisis.


Community radio. Photo by the Foundation for West Africa.
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It is paramount that we all stay informed and work to spread the word about the devastation of Ebola in West Africa. Our choice to work with smaller organizations on the frontlines like Wellbody Alliance and The Foundation for West Africa is one way that we as a small organization and as a collective whole, can truly make an impact. Whether working directly at the village level, such as our team providing sanitation and hygiene supplies, health education and rice in our 16 school communities or supporting community radio health education efforts and essential infection control training to health workers in the hospitals by Wellbody Alliance – our collective support is making a difference in people’s lives.

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If you are looking for a FUN way to increase Ebola awareness and raise money, follow this link to learn more about the KickEbolaInTheButt Campaign launched September 14 by Mike Lahoud, Sierra Leone born MLS player for Philadelphia Union and the Sierra Leone National Team and Thilo Kunkel, Assistant Professor in Sport Management at Temple University.
The first KickEbolaInTheButt kick!  Mike Lahoud and Thilo Kunkel

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