Kandor Primary School


Kandor is located south of Buma. Before the Schools for Salone project, its school was a classic mud structure with a palm thatch roof that was too small and unable to accommodate the growing number of students. Thanks to the support of Paula Lavin in California, a new school with 4 classrooms, an office and storage room, furniture, and a 3 door pit latrine was begun in October 2006 and dedicated in February 2007.

The original Kandor School

Thanks to donations, the new school building will serve the community for many decades to come.









In November of 2007, Joseph Lamin of MCF reported that tools and materials, including roofing zinc, were bought in Freetown and he had hired a truck for one week. The truck arrived the same day at Kandor. The next day, the MCF staff met with the Kandor community members for 2 1/2 hours. They discussed and agreed on the following issues:

  • -Four classrooms
  • -Office and store
  • -Three door pit latrine
  • -Size of the building 25 feet x 93feet
  • -Classroom size 20 feet x 20 feet
  • -Size of block 6”x 9”x 18”
  • -Block mixture 15 head pans of sand one bag of cement
  • -Community members responsible for sand, stone and labour
  • -Community to provide accommodation for skilled workers.
  • -Schools for Salone /MCF responsible for imported materials (cement, Iron rod roofing pan, felt nail, wire nail skill labour, timber etc.)
  • -Builders were appointed from members of the community and supervised by MCF volunteer Mr Lansana Bayon.


The meeting ended with Muslim and Christian prayers, and we all proceeded to the building site in grand style with traditional music. Chief Musa, Chief Jabbie and Chairman of the building Committee, Alhaji Duraman, addressed the people with words of encouragement. The Imam led the Muslim prayers while John offered the Christian prayers. Two groups were formed for foundation digging and block moulding. Community members chipped rock for construction from a granite hilltop and carried it one bucketful at a time to the school site, a shining example of community partnership. By February 2007, the school had been completed and a brand new structure was available to support the education of the children in Kandor.

Children line up for the opening of the new school in 2007.

Kandor students sit at their new desks.