Lungi Primary School & Well

Lungi Primary School

Lungi village is located south of Bo, just west of Koribundu junction. This village was devastated by the civil war between 1992 and 2002. Rebels occupied it and neighboring villages, terrorizing citizens there and disrupting education for a generation of students. After the war, the community rebuilt as best it could. The parents today, many of whom did not get to go to school, are passionate about giving their own children a better opportunity.

Lungi’s original school consisted of two tiny mud, stick and thatch structures for 6 teachers and 6 classes, serving nearly 200 students. The school leaked terribly during the rainy season, and there were no latrines for the children.

The thatch and mud school was overcrowded and falling apart in the summer of 2010.

Children crammed together on benches to learn from teachers in cramped conditions.









In June 2010, Foothill Technology High School teachers, Cherie Eulau and Melissa Wantz, along with her daughter Megan Wantz, traveled to Sierra Leone and visited the village to meet with the community about their needs for a school.

They were taken by the friendliness and gratitude of the people and by the hope in the eyes of the young school children.

Here is a video Wantz captured of the children singing:

They returned to their Ventura, California, community determined to do whatever they could to see their children educated in a school that is sound, safe and comfortable.

The villagers in Lungi welcomed visitors in July 2011 with traditional music and dancing.

Mothers and grandmothers in the village expressed their joy over the idea of their children getting a new school.









About 35 seniors at Foothill Technology High School in Ventura, CA, joined Wantz and Eulau committed to raise $50,000 to build a new school for Lungi.

Members of Foothill for Africa from Foothill Technology High School in Ventura, CA, gather at their final fundraiser for the Lungi Village Primary School.

Foothill for Africa raised awareness of school conditions in Lungi at the Oxnard Multicultural Festival in the fall of 2010.









The fundraising was completed by the end of March, with more than $55, 000 raised in total, and school construction began with groundbreaking ceremonies followed by weeks of clearing land, hand crafting bricks and the actual construction itself.

Foothill for Africa seniors performed a rock concert to raise money for the school in Lungi.

Teachers joined the fundraising during a Teacher Challenge event. Melanie Lindsey and Cherie Eulau arm wrestled to raise money.





Villagers helped to dig the community’s first well, which allows Lungi children to attend school rather than walk miles to find drinkable water.

Pink and brown exterior paint was the finishing touch at Lungi School.












The school was completed in June and Cherie Eulau and Melissa Wantz, along with their Foothill colleagues Chris Prewitt and Robin Houlahan, attended the Opening Ceremonies on July 24, 2011.


On July 24, 2011, Cherie and Melissa returned to Lungi to see the new school.

In November 2011, Foothill teachers Cherie Eulau, Robin Houlahan, Melissa Wantz and Chris Prewitt were honored to meet author Ishmael Beah at the first annual Schools for Salone Evening Gala fundraiser in Seattle.