Maforeka Primary School

2005 - 2010
Maforeka Addition 2010

Maforeka is located north of Magburka, on the Bumbuna road, about 10 miles from Masanga where Cindy Nofziger was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Sierra Leone.

In June of 2004, when Cindy returned to Sierra Leone after the war, she found her friend and former Peace Corps counterpart, John Sesay.  He asked her to help his village of Maforeka rebuild its school.  Using artwork drawn by the children themselves, Cindy made Note Cards and sold them one little stack of cards at a time.  The result was the first school completed by Schools for Salone in November of 2005 for a cost $10,000.

Maforeka Schools new and newer

Maforeka buildings from 2005 (right) and 2010.


Since Maforeka, Schools for Salone has been building larger structures to accommodate more students and including latrines and furniture.  Due in part to rising costs of building materials and a new Sierra Leone 15% Value Added Tax, these expanded projects now cost much more.






Groundbreaking at Maforeka.



Maforeka, the first and smallest of the Schools for Salone schools, badly needed an addition to accomodate its rapidly growing student body. Many thanks to retired teacher John Garinger and his Essex Ontario High School Red Raiders who took on this project. The new addition to the Maforeka school was completed in summer 2010. Click here to see their own website “The School that Essex Built”