Sembehun Primary School & Well


Sembehun village is located northeast of Bo, the second largest town in Sierra Leone.  Schools for Salone built a structure with four classrooms, an office and a store room, separate latrines and a water well.

Funding for this project was raised at the August 2009 events held in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

During the first week of August, 2009, Schools for Salone, in collaboration with InterConnections 21, held several events in Jackson, Wyoming to help people understand the experiences and conditions in Sierra Leone during and since the long and devastating civil war in that country.

Schools for Salone Executive Director Cindy Nofziger; SFS Board President Bob Heavner; New York Times Best selling author of “A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Child Soldier” Ishmael Beah; and World Bank Program Manager of Education for Africa Chris Thomas teamed up with InterConnections 21 for a week long series of educational and fun events in Jackson, WY.

Events included student centered activities such as a West African cooking class, a hike and a ropes course; receptions at private homes, a presentation at the Jackson Men’s Roundtable luncheon, and a public panel discussion at the Arts Center in Jackson, attended by over 450 people who then enjoyed live music and both silent and live auction of donated items.

All proceeds raised during the week’s events helped build and support Sembehun, as well as Kpakuma Primary School north of Bo.
Groundbreaking ceremonies for Sembehun were held October 12th, 2009, with construction begining soon after. Opening Ceremonies for the new school were held February 17, 2010.