Country Visit

From July 9 to July 27, Schools for Salone traveled to Sierra Leone to visit schools, meet with partner program staff, and develop relationships to expand our activities in Sierra Leone. We had a wonderful and productive trip and came back full of ideas and inspiration.


Our first week in Sierra Leone, we took a tour of the country and visited 11 of our schools. We had a wonderful time hanging out with the school children who were just getting their grades and starting their summer break. Your support is making such a huge impact in the lives of these children! The opportunity to go to school brings hope and changes the course of their lives. Donate below to keep the change coming!




Along the way, we made an important stop in Mamboma to open our new library that will serve three primary schools and a junior secondary school. The village was so thrilled and grateful to celebrate and officially open this important resource. We celebrated with an opening ceremony with the whole village, including the paramount chief, village chief, regional librarian, and other important community leaders. Because of this new library, kids of all ages will have a place to study and read. We still need some books to fill the library shelves! Help us fill the shelves for the new school year!



One of our new initiatives that we are extremely excited about is providing sustainable, reusable menstruation kits along with reproductive health education to girls in our schools. We delivered approximately 200 kits to Juliet, our female social worker, so she can continue her awesome work delivering this program to our schools around the country. Juliet is attending a training in Uganda in August to learn how to create an enterprise to produce the kits locally, thus expanding our ability to make kits more readily accessible. In the meantime, more girls need kits! You can help make it happen!



On July 22nd, we met with other education quality stakeholders in Freetown to discuss education quality and teacher training in our schools. We left the meeting with strong support among partners and a solid plan for supporting our teachers and improving education quality in our schools.