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Once our schools are built, many of the students still need your help.

Primary education in Sierra Leone is “free,” but the costs for purchasing uniforms, shoes, and school supplies can prevent families from being able to send their children to school.  More than 30% of children at the primary education level are still out of school. The national primary completion rates are below 60.0% (63.9 % for boys and 47.6% for girls).

We currently help donors sponsor more than 60 students attending our schools in Sierra Leone. If you want to make a difference in the educational future of a child and give them hope for a better future, consider joining us in sponsoring a student.

Just $285, less than $1/day, $23.75/mo, will support one student to attend one of our schools for a whole year.  The money will cover uniforms, shoes, school supplies and will also give a small amount of money to the family to encourage them to allow their child to stay in school rather than dropping out to care for younger family members, work on the farm or work at some other highly laborious job to support their family.

You will receive periodic updates and photos of your child – a small thank you for the astounding difference you will be making in their life.

Email Cindy Nofziger, Executive Director of Schools for Salone

You can help build a promising future for Sierra Leone’s children.

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