Change Making Change Donations to Help SfS in August

Change Making Change Fund, (CMC) a non-profit organization dedicated to helping children around the world through the collection of pocket change, has selected Schools for Salone as the recipient of non-designated donations in August.  

All non-designated money donated this month to Change Making Change through convenient Coinstar® kiosks will support Schools for Salone’s efforts to repair or replace educational facilities and libraries destroyed during a decade-long war in West Africa’s Sierra Leone.

Founded In 2004 by a former Peace Corps Volunteer, Cindy Nofziger, Schools for Salone has built 15 schools in the last eight years, including Maforeka Primary School, Calaba Town School and Buma Primary School, as well as the Sahn Malen and Jaiama Bongor libraries.  It partners with the local organization, Masanga Children’s Fund, to identify villages with educational needs and which serves as on-site project managers.

“There’s nothing more powerful than children helping children, and that’s where Change Making Change will boost the effectiveness of Schools for Salone’s fundraising efforts,” Nofziger explained.  “We work with elementary schools around the U.S. to raise the money needed for our projects, and CMC gives kids an easy mechanism for donating their coins.”

“More than 70 percent of Sierra Leone’s population lives below the poverty level,” noted Rich Stillman, founder and executive director, Change Making Change.  “Ensuring that children receive an education is one way to help elevate the country’s economic condition after so many years of conflict.”

To participate, drop spare change at a local Coinstar kiosk that is programmed to accept donations and select Change Making Change Fund as the recipient.


About Change Making Change

Seattle-based Change Making Change Fund (CMC) is founded on the belief that many people giving small amounts of money can do as much good as a few people giving large sums of money. Anyone can get involved by bringing a handful of spare change to a Coinstar kiosk and selecting CMC as the recipient. To learn how Change Making Change is helping small donations make a big difference for international and domestic charities, visit us at, follow on Twitter @CMCfund or find us on Facebook.

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