Schools Reopen April 14, 2015!


The Ebola crisis has subsided, allowing classes to resume on Tuesday, April 14, 2015. While many parents were still reluctant to send their children back to school, we hope that the classrooms will be filled again to overflowing soon. In preparation, our team in Sierra Leone made repairs to several of our schools: Sembehun, Kandor, Buma, Kpakuma and Lungi. In addition, solar power systems were installed in Gbumbeh, Robis and Maforeka Primary Schools. We continue to work on upgrading water and sanitation at ALL of our schools as we know that a good education is inextricably linked to good health and good health inextricably linked to education.

Sembehun School Children Receive Learning and Sanitation MaterialsRobis School Children Received Learning Materials Maforeka School receiving sanitation materials Kandor Sch. 2

Learning and Sanitation MaterialssembunghunSembehun Sch. 4Sembehun sch. 3Bendu Sch. Maforeka Children Learning and Sanitation Materials for Robis School Children

Gbumbeh Solar Panels Installed Maforeka Solar Panels Installed  Installation of Maforeka Solar Light Installation of Robis School Solar LightGbumbeh Solar Light

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