July Reproductive Health Education

From July 16th through July 29th, Juliet and Mannah visited our schools in the South, North, and Western Areas to conduct reproductive health and safety education. The classes were very interactive, and the girls were far more confident about facing the challenges of puberty and menstruation than they were before our first reproductive health [...]

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New School Opening Ceremonies

On our trip, we held official opening ceremonies for three schools: Gbumbeh, Bendu, and Walihun. Our team constructed the schools in Gbumbeh and Bendu during the height of the Ebola crisis. Because large gatherings were prohibited to prevent the spread of the disease, these villages were unable to hold official opening ceremonies until this [...]

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Solar Installation

During the Schools for Salone visit to Sierra Leone, we installed solar lights at three schools: Masanga SLMB, Masanga SDA, and Makali. These solar lights are new systems purchased through Easy Solar, a company started in Sierra Leone by a former Peace Corps volunteer. Each system comes with a solar panel, battery pack, and [...]

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Menstruation Kit Production Officially Launched!

The kit production element of our Uman Talk program was officially launched on June 30, 2017! Juliet and our two tailors completed their first 100 kits, which were on display at the June 30th opening ceremony. The turnout at the ceremony was incredible, with male and female leaders in attendance to show their support [...]

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Sulehun school almost complete!

During Schools for Salone's annual visit to Sierra Leone in early July, we had the incredible pleasure of visiting the village of Sulehun, where we are building our 23rd school. The walls are entirely up, and the rafters are next to the building ready to be hoisted for the roof. Many community members were [...]

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Mike Lahoud at Education for All Opening Ceremony

In May, Education for All had its official opening ceremony! Community leaders, teachers, students, and our Programme for Children team celebrated the new school, complete with soccer pitch. Mike Lahoud, who helped make this school and soccer pitch possible, joined the celebration to the great excitement of the Education for All community, especially the [...]

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Books for Mamboma Library

In May, our team delivered a truckload of books to our library in Mamboma. The surrounding communities are so thrilled to have the library shelves full of books for children to read and study! Teachers in Mamboma received library management training before these books arrived, opening the doors to more learning opportunities for children [...]

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Easter 2017 Teacher Training

Over Easter Break, our in-country partner, The Learning Foundation, conducted a literacy training workshop for our teachers in the North. This workshop is part of our strategy to provide ongoing, hands-on training and support for our teachers. We have more workshops and training lined up for our teachers in other parts of the country [...]

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Sulehun Construction has Begun!

Sulehun construction has begun! The village of Sulehun has been patiently waiting for a school for 3 years, and now it is becoming a reality! Our team participated in a ground-breaking ceremony in early May to build a 4-classroom school. Many thanks to Larry Snyder, who has dedicated so much time and energy to [...]

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