Kicking off another year of literacy

Over the past couple months, we have been deep in strategy and planning discussions with our literacy partners at The Learning Foundation. We have an ambitious and exciting plan for developing literacy in our students and training our teachers on strategies for teaching children how to read. Some highlights include: developing a teachers-training-teachers program, [...]

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Books for Mamboma Library

In May, our team delivered a truckload of books to our library in Mamboma. The surrounding communities are so thrilled to have the library shelves full of books for children to read and study! Teachers in Mamboma received library management training before these books arrived, opening the doors to more learning opportunities for children [...]

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Easter 2017 Teacher Training

Over Easter Break, our in-country partner, The Learning Foundation, conducted a literacy training workshop for our teachers in the North. This workshop is part of our strategy to provide ongoing, hands-on training and support for our teachers. We have more workshops and training lined up for our teachers in other parts of the country [...]

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March Library Training

In March, some of our teachers had the opportunity to participate in a 2-day training sponsored by Schools for Salone, The Learning Foundation Sierra Leone, and the Reading Initiative Salone. The training was facilitated by professors of Library Studies at the University of Sierra Leone. Upon successful completion of the training, each teacher received [...]

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Mamboma Library officially open!

This library was just a dream when Cindy was in Mamboma in October. Many thanks to a long time friend of Schools for Salone who wanted to make this library a dream come true. This "study house" will serve two primary schools and one junior secondary school in the area, over 700 students. The library [...]

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Quality Education Through Partnerships!

We are excited to be partnering with The Learning Foundation, PEN-SL and The Sierra Leone Book Trust to improve quality education in our schools! In December 2015, at the end of ebola, we began literacy workshops and library skills training for all our schools. The response from our teachers has been overwhelming! During our country [...]

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Gbumbeh Primary School is completed – and gets Solar!

Gbumbeh Primary School! is finally complete! A far cry for the original school we found in the village. Cindy visited Gbumbeh Primary School on October 9, 2015, seeing the new school for the first time. The school is the pride and joy of this village. It was chosen as a workshop site for teachers [...]

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Schools Reopen April 14, 2015!

  The Ebola crisis has subsided, allowing classes to resume on Tuesday, April 14, 2015. While many parents were still reluctant to send their children back to school, we hope that the classrooms will be filled again to overflowing soon. In preparation, our team in Sierra Leone made repairs to several of our schools: Sembehun, [...]

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