Children in Crisis school upgrades

Our team has begun much-needed repairs to our Children in Crisis school. The road has washed away at least three feet since the school was built in 2011, and you can no longer drive into the compound. The land erosion in the area is beginning to threatening the structural integrity of the school. We [...]

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Solar Installation

During the Schools for Salone visit to Sierra Leone, we installed solar lights at three schools: Masanga SLMB, Masanga SDA, and Makali. These solar lights are new systems purchased through Easy Solar, a company started in Sierra Leone by a former Peace Corps volunteer. Each system comes with a solar panel, battery pack, and [...]

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Sulehun school almost complete!

During Schools for Salone's annual visit to Sierra Leone in early July, we had the incredible pleasure of visiting the village of Sulehun, where we are building our 23rd school. The walls are entirely up, and the rafters are next to the building ready to be hoisted for the roof. Many community members were [...]

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Mike Lahoud at Education for All Opening Ceremony

In May, Education for All had its official opening ceremony! Community leaders, teachers, students, and our Programme for Children team celebrated the new school, complete with soccer pitch. Mike Lahoud, who helped make this school and soccer pitch possible, joined the celebration to the great excitement of the Education for All community, especially the [...]

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Sulehun Construction has Begun!

Sulehun construction has begun! The village of Sulehun has been patiently waiting for a school for 3 years, and now it is becoming a reality! Our team participated in a ground-breaking ceremony in early May to build a 4-classroom school. Many thanks to Larry Snyder, who has dedicated so much time and energy to [...]

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Kei Kamara/Mike Lahoud Education for All School

Kei Kamara (NE Revolution) and Mike Lahoud (Miami FC), two professional soccer players born in Sierra Leone, joined forces to build the Kei Kamara/Mike Lahoud Education for All Primary School. This school provides access to disadvantaged children in Allen Town, East End Freetown. Groundbreaking began in May 2015 and classes began on September 7, [...]

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Critical Water and Sanitation improvements to all our schools!

We are making sure all our schools have proper sanitation and clean water. This is critical in preventing many of the diseases in Sierra Leone. To do this, we are upgrading the latrine facilities at all our schools and installing rainwater collection handwashing stations. Education is inextricably linked to health. One cannot have one [...]

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Conservation Education

Moseilelo School Construction Project: Conservation Education Schools for Salone is excited to  partner with Tacugama, a chimpanzee sanctuary in the Western Area Peninsula National Park in Sierra Leone. Tacugama was established in 1995 to enforce the law and rehabilitate confiscated, orphaned and abandoned chimpanzees with the aim to release back them into their natural habitat.  Sierra [...]

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A school for Kalia!

Kalia, a small village in the Southern Province of Sierra Leone, was devastated during the Ebola crisis. Thirty-five people died, leaving 52 orphaned children. Thanks to generous support from the Schultz Family Foundation, we are helping the village to move forward. During the height of the outbreak, the entire village was quarantined, resulting in the [...]

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