Kit orders are coming in!

Our team has been working hard to spread the word about our Days for Girls menstruation kit production project. We have smoothed and solidified our supply chain, and strengthened our production process. We are now ready to start producing on a large scale to fill external orders! In December, we received an order for [...]

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July Reproductive Health Education

From July 16th through July 29th, Juliet and Mannah visited our schools in the South, North, and Western Areas to conduct reproductive health and safety education. The classes were very interactive, and the girls were far more confident about facing the challenges of puberty and menstruation than they were before our first reproductive health [...]

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Menstruation Kit Production Officially Launched!

The kit production element of our Uman Talk program was officially launched on June 30, 2017! Juliet and our two tailors completed their first 100 kits, which were on display at the June 30th opening ceremony. The turnout at the ceremony was incredible, with male and female leaders in attendance to show their support [...]

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How Menstrual Hygiene is Changing Lives

We just started the 3rd quarter of the US Embassy grant for our Uman Talk program, and the response from girls who have participated in this program has been incredible! From January through March, our team has given reproductive health education to 433 girls across Sierra Leone, and distributed 133 Days for Girls kits [...]

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Keeping Girls in School!

We are excited to announce that Schools for Salone's Uman Talk Program is being awarded a $60,000 grant from the US Embassy Sierra Leone!!! This grant will be used to expand our reproductive health education programs and establish a project to make sustainable, reuseable menstruation kits in Sierra Leone. We are honored and thrilled to [...]

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