Flood & Mudslide Relief 2018-01-08T11:19:36+00:00

Flood Relief Update

So far, generous donors have donated $23,000 to provide emergency relief to flood survivors. Our team in Sierra Leone has been coordinating with Shellac Davies, National Coordinator of Sierra Leone Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (SLANGO) on relief efforts in Hill Station and Kamayama communities. Together, we distributed 250 bags of rice, cooking oil, salt, mattresses, drinking water, and menstruation kits to flood survivors. Our team, SLANGO, and other organizations including Village Link, Water Bearers, and Families without Borders also distributed water filtration systems to ensure survivors had access to safe drinking water.

Flood & Mudslide Relief

On August 14, Sierra Leone was struck by severe flooding and mudslides in and around Freetown. Our team in Sierra Leone spent August 15th at the front lines of the mudslides. They were greeted with overwhelming devastation. At the Regent mudslide site, rescue and recovery workers were in full gear in an effort to recover bodies from the rubble. Over 1,000 people had been living in the Regent community, and over 300 homes were destroyed by the mudslide. At the Kamayama/Kanigo community, our team found that all the structures had been swept away by the flood. There were 100 survivors and bereaved, many of whom were the only survivors in their families. The Government of Sierra Leone says over 1,000 people are homeless and displaced as a result of the mudslide and flooding in Freetown. Our team observed that all the affected people need financial and material support, the survivors told our team they are especially eager for shelter, food, clothing, money to buy necessary things, mattresses, blankets, school items and fees for their children as school will soon reopen.