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 Our Mission 

Advancing quality education in Sierra Leone through local partnerships

 Our Vision

a Sierra Leone where good education is a normal part of every child’s life

Our Impact in Sierra Leone

Schools for Salone has built 22 schools and 3 libraries in villages across Sierra Leone. We focus on building schools in rural villages that are highly motivated to educate their children.

In keeping with our belief that self-initiated solutions are best, requests for schools must come from Sierra Leoneans. Villages wanting a new school participate in a rigorous vetting process to assure that the most committed and motivated communities are chosen for our team to work with. Once a community is selected, our team works  with the village leaders to formalize the agreement and commitment.

Our Story

We built our first school in 2005 in response to a personal request by John Sesay, Cindy’s friend from her Peace Corps days. Cindy quickly recognized that she needed in-country expertise to build a school. As a result, she called upon another Sierra Leonean friend and former colleague, Joseph Lamin, Director of Programme for Children (PFC). Joseph has been our close partner ever since. In addition to building schools, SfS and PFC have installed water wells and solar power in many of our schools, and septic toilets with handwashing stations in every school.
PFC and SfS bring together a common passion for cultivating education in Sierra Leone. With Joseph’s construction expertise and local knowledge, we are able to carefully identify and select villages with whom to partner to revitalize education, one school at a time.
Since we began in 2005, Schools for Salone has built 22 primary school buildings and 3 school libraries serving over 6,500 children across Sierra Leone, as well as provided regular training opportunities for over 150 teachers. And we are not done yet! There is still more work to be done.

Your continued help is needed for us to continue to reach children in Sierra Leone.

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