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Schools for Salone is a 501(c)(3)

Tax Exempt Organization
Donations are tax deductible

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Schools for Salone has no religious affiliation.

Approximately 15% of the funds donated to Schools for Salone are used to help cover administrative costs, so we can sustain our efforts to build schools and provide support to education in Sierra Leone. Schools for Salone is almost entirely run by volunteers. Participants traveling to Sierra Leone for project oversight, other than the Executive Director, pay all their own expenses.


The following donations provide:

$100 a week training for 1 teacher
$200 supplies for 1 school for a year
$270 sponsors 1 student for a year
$500 a week training for 5 teachers
$1,500 textbooks for a new school
$7,500 builds a water well
$55,000 builds & supports a whole school, including a well, latrines, books supplies, uniforms, teacher training in the summer and more!

Many villages in Sierra Leone express interest in having a new school built. Villages are chosen after having been carefully vetted by our partners in Sierra Leone in order to ensure the community’s commitment to helping with school construction and improving education for boys and girls. Once villages are chosen and donations raised, funds are wired directly to Programme for Children in Freetown. Cindy’s decades long association with the PFC Director, Joseph Lamin, creates a corruption-free and reliable partnership.



Thank you for your interest in and support of Schools for Salone. Below are more ways you can donate to our efforts.