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Improving education in Sierra Leone through responsible, sustainable, nonprofit partnerships

We build schools

We are a nonprofit organization that revitalizes Sierra Leonean communities, empowers children and improves socioeconomic conditions for families, communities, and future generations.

We train teachers

Through opportunities that only an education can provide, we strive to break the cycle of poverty, one school at a time, by training teachers at intensive summer institutes.

We work as partners

Based in Seattle, Schools for Salone has a proven track record of working with Sierra Leoneans as they rebuild schools destroyed during a ten-year civil war. Once funds are raised, new schools are built in three months.

You can help build a school or support a child today!

Gbumbeh Primary School is completed – and gets Solar!

Gbumbeh Primary School is finally complete! A far cry for the original school we found in the village.

Making our “old” schools NEW again!

The heat and humidity is hard on our schools. Our team has been working hard to make repairs, upgrade latrines, repair water wells in time for schools to reopen in September.  

Construction begins for Kei Kamara/Michael Lahoud School

The groundbreaking ceremony for the Kei Kamara/Michael Lahoud Education for All Primary School was May 19, 2015. Our team is working hard to build this school. Construction on the school is progressing quickly! Here is the latest photo of the school 4 August, 2015. More to come soon!            

A school for Kalia!

Kalia, a small village in the Southern Province of Sierra Leone, was devastated during the Ebola crisis. Thirty-five people died, leaving 52 orphaned children. Thanks to generous support from the Schultz Family Foundation, we are helping the village to move forward. During the height of the outbreak, the entire village was quarantined, resulting in the […]