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Improving education in Sierra Leone through responsible, sustainable, nonprofit partnerships

We build schools

We are a nonprofit organization that revitalizes Sierra Leonean communities, empowers children and improves socioeconomic conditions for families, communities, and future generations.

We train teachers

Through opportunities that only an education can provide, we strive to break the cycle of poverty, one school at a time, by training teachers at intensive summer institutes.

We work as partners

Based in Seattle, Schools for Salone has a proven track record of working with Sierra Leoneans as they rebuild schools destroyed during a ten-year civil war. Once funds are raised, new schools are built in three months.

You can help build a school or support a child today!

2014 Reports

2014 was a busy and full year for us, made more complicated and challenging because of the devastation spread throughout Sierra Leone by Ebola. We are grateful for the generous support we have received and feel incredibly responsible to use these funds efficiently, effectively and wisely. Below are links to Schools for Salone 2014 Annual Report and our Sierra […]

Helping to Stop Ebola

The Ebola crisis has halted all school education activities and all community-assistance organizations are needed contribute to the local and national efforts to address the Ebola crisis. We, therefore, believe it is consistent with our mission and purpose to engage appropriately in community-based assistance as part of the national effort.  As a first step we have allocated […]

Bags of RICE needed!

We’ve just sent money to purchase 50 bags of rice for our student and teacher families. More is needed during this desperate time. Please buy one $40 bag of rice today Buy a bag of rice today

We are supporting infection control trainings on the front lines in Sierra Leone

Schools for Salone is working with Dr Dan Kelly and his team in Sierra Leone to provide infection control training on the front lines. Please join us to help support these important efforts to educate and STOP Ebola in Sierra Leone! Photo by Wellbody Alliance.