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Improving education in Sierra Leone through responsible, sustainable, nonprofit partnerships

We build schools

We are a nonprofit organization that revitalizes Sierra Leonean communities, empowers children and improves socioeconomic conditions for families, communities, and future generations.

We train teachers

Through opportunities that only an education can provide, we strive to break the cycle of poverty, one school at a time, by training teachers at intensive summer institutes.

We work as partners

Based in Seattle, Schools for Salone has a proven track record of working with Sierra Leoneans as they rebuild schools destroyed during a ten-year civil war. Once funds are raised, new schools are built in three months.

You can help build a school or support a child today!

Gbumbeh Primary School is finished!

In the midst of the most horrific ebola outbreak ever, our team in Sierra Leone has successfully completed our 16th primary school in the village of Gbumbeh north of Bo, about a mile off the Bo-Yele Road from Dambala. Kei Kamara visited the village in May 2014 prior to the start of construction. By mid-August, […]

Supporting Community Radio in Bo and Eastern Sierra Leone

We are working to support community radio in Sierra Leone during this Ebola crisis. Community radio is one of the most effective ways to disseminate up to date and correct information about the outbreak and health education efforts. We are proud to be working with Kiss 104 Bo, SLBC Bo and Radio Moa 105.5 FM […]

So proud of our team in Sierra Leone!

Our team on the ground in Sierra Leone is working hard to provide added support to vulnerable families, including those of our teachers and students. 40 bags of rice have been delivered in the north and they are working to do the same in the south. $100 buys a bag of rice for a family. […]

Solar comes to Sembehun Primary School

Thanks to help from the Columbia River Peace Corps Association, we were able to install a solar power system at our school in Sembehun in early August! Even before we notified the village, they had made arrangements to hire the recently retired headmaster to hold evening literacy classes.