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It’s that time again! Both here and in Sierra Leone, students and teachers are getting ready for the new school year. In celebration of this exciting time where children get the life-changing opportunity to pursue education, we would like to put a spotlight on an inspiring teacher and student.

featured teacher

DSCN2706Mamusu Tarawali is one of our star teachers we have worked with for many years, featured in the documentary, Brownstones to Red Dirt. Before Sierra Leone’s civil war broke out, Mamusu Tarawalie was a young woman with a passion for learning. But when war came to her village, her instinct took over. As she fled the rebels, she saw a baby strapped to the back of a woman lying in the street. The woman had been killed during a firefight and the baby was left for dead. Mamusu turned around and ran towards the battle. She untied the child and ran to safety with him. Balla would be the first of 9 children Mamusu would adopt. When the fighting stopped and the children she had taken in had no school, Mamusu worked with her mentor to start one. The Children in Crisis School would go on to serve over 400 children and become a project for Schools for Salone. With more children needing a school, Mamusu undertook the massive task of starting a school from scratch. The new Education for All Primary School opened in September, 2015 with Mamusu proudly serving as the headmistress. She is shown here standing in the area outside her new school that will become a home for her and her adopted children. Mamusu’s passion for learning has only ever increased, which is clearly evident in her classrooms and in her students. She has attended several of our teacher trainings and has been a spectacular example, implementing what she learns in her new school with astounding creativity and dedication. Donate today to support our teachers as they head into the new year!

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featured student


 Balla Musa is shown here with two other sponsored students. Balla is on the right holding a signed picture of soccer star Kei Kamara. Balla is a dedicated student who we have been sponsoring since 2008. Balla was the first child rescued and adopted by Mamusu during the war. Because of our sponsorship program, Balla has been able to continue his education past primary school. Balla recently suffered a devastating motorcycle accident and nearly lost his life. His sponsors helped pay for his hospital fees, and thanks to extensive care and support Balla is able to continue pursuing his secondary school education. Balla is a fan of soccer and has a talent for drawing and artwork. Balla’s enthusiasm, creativity and dedication to school has made him stand out over the years as a truly special student. Through Schools for Salone’s student sponsorship program and other support, students like Balla have a chance to go to school and get a quality education. Donate today to help the dream of attending school become a reality for more students this year! 
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Below is a video of Education for All featuring Mamusu and Balla

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