Sulehun school almost complete!

During Schools for Salone’s annual visit to Sierra Leone in early July, we had the incredible pleasure of visiting the village of Sulehun, where we are building our 23rd school. The walls are entirely up, and the rafters are next to the building ready to be hoisted for the roof. Many community members were gathered around the building. A group of youth were playing soccer in the adjoining field, and children were sitting on the rafters watching the game. The septic toilets with rainwater collection handwashing station is also nearing completion.

After stopping to see the school site, we continued into the village to visit the students and teachers who are eagerly awaiting their school building. Class was meeting under the overhang of a community building. The students definitely remembered Larry Snyder, who is spearheading the fundraising for this school. The whole community expressed overwhelming gratitude to Larry and his Friends of Sulehun group for joining hands with them to make this school possible.

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