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For a Sierra Leone where good education is a normal part of every child’s life

Making Education Accessible

Through school and library construction, student scholarships, and sanitation facilities

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Making Education Effective

Through teacher training, literacy development, and learning materials

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Our Girls Programs

Empowering girls through menstrual hygiene, reproductive health education, and eliminating female genital mutilation

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Our Work in Sierra Leone Continues

Teachers Trained
Students Helped
Schools Built
Libraries Built
Wash Stations Built

Latest Posts

Kicking off another year of literacy

Over the past couple months, we have been deep in strategy and planning discussions with our literacy partners at [...]

Kit orders are coming in!

Our team has been working hard to spread the word about our Days for Girls menstruation kit production project. [...]

October 2017 Literacy Training

"When you build the teachers, the teachers use the materials for the children, then you have built a country, [...]

Please join hands with us to bring the hope of education to Sierra Leone – one child, one teacher, one school at a time.

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