July Reproductive Health Education

From July 16th through July 29th, Juliet and Mannah visited our schools in the South, North, and Western Areas to conduct reproductive health and safety education. The classes were very interactive, and the girls were far more confident about facing the challenges of puberty and menstruation than they were before our first reproductive health class.

Girls coming of age were no longer surprised by their periods because of the education our team has given them on puberty and menstruation. They were so happy to receive the menstruation kits because they no longer have to worry about their periods in school.

No girl student has been absent in school because of her period since we started the reproductive health education classes. 

This is huge! Girls are able to receive their full education, and be more equipped to realize their potential because they have the tools and knowledge they need to stay in school, no matter what time of the month.

Girls are also able to spread their knowledge and confidence to other girls. One of our students attended a youth camp, where there was a girl experiencing her period who seemed very sad and inactive. Our student went up to her to try to motivate and encourage the girl, who then began to cry and confided to our student that she was bleeding. Our student encouraged the girl, gave her a shield and liner, and told her that the bleeding wasn’t anything bad, but it is her period, a normal and very important part of who she is.

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