Our Partners

Schools for Salone’s success comes from building strong partnerships with organizations, both in the US and in Sierra Leone. Our partners share our vision of improving lives by enhancing educational opportunity.  These dedicated partners respect each others activities and cooperate together to help bring about positive change in Sierra Leone.


Programme for Children

Joseph Lamin, Masanga Children’s Fund

Formerly, Masanga Children’s Fund, Programme for Children is an authorized  Sierra Leone non-governmental, non-profit organization, founded by Joseph Lamin in 2004.  As Executive Director of PFC, he works with partners in Denmark and the USA on social, education, water, sanitation and human rights issues in Sierra Leone. Through PFC, he purchases imported items such as cement, rebar, and roofing supplies.  The villages donate and clear the land, provide locally available materials and unskilled labor. Mr. Lamin provides all fiscal and operational management of Schools for Salone Projects in Sierra Leone. Mr. Lamin is also a skilled contractor.  He builds quality schools within budget, in only about two months, where others fail to do so in years.  At the request of Schools for Salone, Programme for Children began taking a 5% administrative fee to help cover its expenses incurred while working on SfS projects.  This support helps PFC continue its many other amazing programs, one of which is the direct and indirect care for 250 foster children in Sierra Leone. Click here to read the MCF brochure.


Abu Foday, PFC Driver 

Juliet Kargbo, PFC Social Worker and Project Coordinator

Mr. Senesi, PFC Financial Officer

Lansana Bayon, PFC On-Site Project Manager








The Learning Foundation – Sierra Leone

TLFSchools for Salone partners with The Learning Foundation in Sierra Leone to provide reading programs in schools and libraries to improve literacy and learning engagement. The Learning Foundation works with students, teachers, librarians, and specifically girls in junior secondary school. These programs target girls and low performing students to narrow the gap in achievement and retention.



Books for Africa

Minnesota based Books For Africa was founded 20 Years ago.  Their Mission is simple: they collect, sort, ship and distribute books to children in Africa. That’s all they do. Their goal is to end the book famine in Africa.  They are the largest shipper of donated textbooks to the African continent.  A recent collaboration with Encyclopaedia Britannica makes it possible to include new and used reference books, including atlases, and dictionaries in their book shipments.  A new contract with USAID will ship 1 million books to Visions in Action in Monrovia, Liberia. In the summer of 2008, Schools for Salone and Books For Africa began a Partnership Program to ultimately send 1,000,000 text and reading books to the schools of Sierra Leone.  We shipped the 1st container of 22,000 Books in the fall of 2009.