Mamboma Library officially open!

This library was just a dream when Cindy was in Mamboma in October. Many thanks to a long time friend of Schools for Salone who wanted to make this library a dream come true. This “study house” will serve two primary schools and one junior secondary school in the area, over 700 students. The library was officially opened on July 17, 2016 with a wonderful opening ceremony.

NOW we need to fill the shelves with books! Please purchase a book or two for a child so we can make sure every child has access to curriculum textbooks, resource books and reading books that are culturally appropriate.

$8 purchases an 8 book set of books for primary school children.

$32 purchases a 16 book set of reading books written and illustrated by West African authors.

Click HERE to purchase some books!

DSC_1174 DSC_1205



IMG_0399IMG_0396IMG_0389 IMG_0390 IMG_0393

Help us fill the library shelves with books for the students!!!

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Keeping Girls in School!

We are excited to announce that Schools for Salone’s Uman Talk Program is being awarded a $60,000 grant from the US Embassy Sierra Leone!!! This grant will be used to expand our reproductive health education programs and establish a project to make sustainable, reuseable menstruation kits in Sierra Leone. We are honored and thrilled to make this dream a reality for girls and women in Sierra Leone!

Schools for Salone Copper Pot Pictures

Donate today to help support girls in Sierra Leone! Designate Uman Talk!

Every girl in Sierra Leone deserves education, safety, and dignity. Imagine not having access to the feminine hygiene supplies we take for granted as well as privacy, clean water and soap? Our goal is to make sure that EVERY girl in our schools has access to feminine hygiene supplies, clean water, soap and a safe, clean toilet – and the information needed to take care of themselves.

In May, 2016, our two social workers, Juliet and Mannah completed their first health education and personal hygiene trainings at our schools in the western area. Juliet worked with the women teachers and girl students, Mannah worked with the boys and men. The sessions also included lessons in self defense for the girls and respecting women for the boys. We are VERY excited to take these lessons – and the feminine hygiene kits to all our schools – and beyond!

In August 2016, Juliet attended a Days for Girls training in Uganda to learn how to make the kits in country, and how to set up kit creation and distribution as a local project. We are excited to have kits more readily available once we have developed this to  and provide an additional source of income for women in Sierra Leone.

With this exciting new program, along with making sure ALL our schools have clean, sanitary toilets and rainwater hand washing stations, we want to make sure ALL our girls stay in school! Please help support keeping girls in school! Only $12 buys a menstruation kit to keep a girl in school!

dsc_5454 dsc_5612DSC00060

Buy a kit – or 2 for girls in Sierra Leone!


Make sure to designate Uman Talk for your donation to go specifically to this program.

Uman Talk at NiagorehunUman Talk at Sembehun

Uman Talk at KaliaUman Talk at Lungi

Uman Talk at Bumagbumbeh

 DSC00120 DSC00112 DSC00106DSCN1776 DSCN2007DSCN1756 DSCN1774 DSCN2040DSCN1781 DSCN1780 DSCN1792 DSCN1794 DSCN1797 DSCN1798 DSCN1532

Donate $12 today to keep a girl in school! 

Quality Education Through Partnerships!

We are excited to be partnering with The Learning Foundation, PEN-SL and The Sierra Leone Book Trust to improve quality education in our schools! In December 2015, at the end of ebola, we began literacy workshops and library skills training for all our schools. The response from our teachers has been overwhelming!

During our country visit this summer, we met with these partners to establish a plan for library and literacy training for our teachers in the coming years. We are ready to move forward with a solid, collaborative plan to improve education quality in our schools. Thank you to our partners in improving education in Sierra Leone!

Your support is what makes teacher workshops possible! Please make your gift HERE to improve education in Sierra Leone now! 

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Donate NOW to support education improvement in Sierra Leone!

Kei Kamara/Mike Lahoud Education for All school

Kei Kamara visiting the school in January, 2016

Kei Kamara (NE Revolution) and Mike Lahoud (Miami FC), two professional soccer players born in Sierra Leone, joined forces to build the Kei Kamara/Mike Lahoud Education for All Primary School. This school provides access to disadvantaged children in Allen Town, East End Freetown. Groundbreaking began in May 2015 and classes began on September 7, 2015. 50 children enrolled in that first year of classes at the school in Sept, 2o15. Today there are over 150 children working hard to make their dreams come true. We continue to need your support for these remarkable children and their teachers. Please donate today! 

Check out this video just released by FIFPro in honor of Kei and Mike’s FIFPro Merit Award:

Read more about Kei’s remarkable journey and his collaborative efforts with Mike Lahoud and Schools for Salone in Rolling Stone:

We are almost finished Phase II! The Soccer Pitch is almost finished! Joseph and Aunti Musu joined in the first match! Donate HERE to help support this exciting project! 



DSCN2706 DSCN2736


SfS Board Member James Mannah at the school in May 2016


Finishing the security gates at the school

IMG_0713IMG_0721-1  DSC00427-1   DSC00431-1

Working on the soccer pitch! Water is a critical issue in Freetown area and must be trucked in to complete the construction.

DSC00311  DSC00335 DSC00270 DSC00267DSC00281DSC00275

DSCN1945Image 47DSCN1923IMG_0250CcqSZgMUEAAzZBj Jenni Sandmeyer Photography Jenni Sandmeyer PhotographyJenni Sandmeyer Photography 10325609_560276024093245_1214027933956007758_nJenni Sandmeyer Photography

This school is headed by Mamusu Tarawali. She is one of our star teachers we have worked with for many years, featured in the documentary, Brownstones to Red Dirt. Before Sierra Leone’s civil war broke out, Mamusu Tarawalie was a young woman with a passion for learning. But when war came to her village, her instinct took over. As she fled the rebels, she saw a baby strapped to the back of a woman lying in the street. The woman had been killed during a firefight and the baby was left for dead. Mamusu turned around and ran towards the battle. She untied the child and ran to safety with him. Balla would be the first of 9 children Mamusu would adopt. When the fighting stopped and the children she had taken in had no school, Mamusu worked with her mentor to start one. The Children in Crisis School would go on to serve over 400 children and become a project for Schools for Salone. With more children needing a school, Mamusu undertook the massive task of starting a school from scratch. This time, she had Kei Kamara, Mike Lahoud and Schools for Salone to help her.

Now that the school is completed, the soccer field almost completed, our plans are to construct a home for Headmistress Mamusu and  the orphaned children she rescued during the war. With help from our sponsors a generation of children have grown up in classrooms instead of on the streets.

We need $50,000 to make this dream come true for these orphaned children and the woman who saved them. Please donate now to help us make a safe, clean home possible for these special children.


Kei Kamara’s Long Journey Home, featured on

Critical Water and Sanitation improvements to all our schools!

We are making sure all our schools have proper sanitation and clean water. This is critical in preventing many of the diseases in Sierra Leone. To do this, we are upgrading the latrine facilities at all our schools and installing rainwater collection handwashing stations. Education is inextricably linked to health. One cannot have one without the other. Thank you to all who are making this possible! Currently we are working on new toilets in Lungi, Niagorehun, Junctionla and Sahn Malen.

Your $20 gift now will buy a couple bags of cement to make this possible!

IMG_0722 IMG_0598 IMG_0393 DSCN2235

2016 Seattle Anniversary Dinner

The 6th Annual Seattle Dinner for Schools for Salone happens on October 6th!
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Please join us for our 11th anniversary celebration on Thursday, October 6th!

This year we are thrilled to be at The Foundry.  Be sure to check out this unique site, located South of Safeco Field.  We look forward to a beautiful evening with delectable food from Herban Feast, a Celebrity Dessert Dash and some of our fabulous local wines.
Registration is open so get your tickets now!
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This event is made successful by you, our wonderful supporters. There are many ways to get involved behind the scenes to make this event as successful as it can be. Sponsorships, dessert donations, and cash gift club members help underwrite event costs so as much of the money we raise as possible goes straight to our programs in Sierra Leone.
Every year, we have a wonderful dessert dash, with desserts donated by local chefs and bakeries. Want to donate a dessert? Follow the link below!
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Interested in sponsorship? Corporate sponsors get special call-outs at our event and advertisement placement on our event materials.
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Individual donations are also essential to making this event great! Individual cash gift club donors also receive special recognition in our event program.
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We are also collecting items to auction! If you would like to donate an auction item or package, follow the link below.
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Your support means the world to us and we encourage you to become more involved in making this our most successful event yet!
Thank you to our event sponsors and in-kind donors:


Our 2016 Calendars are ready to order!

We promise you will LOVE our newly designed 2016 calendar! Click HERE to order yours today – and a few for your friends and family!

Gbumbeh Primary School is completed – and gets Solar!

Gbumbeh Primary School! is finally complete! A far cry for the original school we found in the village.

Cindy visited Gbumbeh Primary School on October 9, 2015, seeing the new school for the first time. The school is the pride and joy of this village. It was chosen as a workshop site for teachers because of the solar and clean water available. Word is getting out that our schools have great amenities!

DSCN2198 DSCN2203 DSCN2204


DSC01516 DSC01514 DSC01513 DSC01512 DSC01509 DSC01507 DSC01506

Making our “old” schools NEW again!

The heat and humidity is hard on our schools. Our team has been working hard to make repairs, upgrade latrines, repair water wells in time for schools to reopen in September.

SLMB Masanga after repaires Junctionla after repairs Junctionla  after repais  DSC08437DSC08438DSC01476DSC01465DSC01470Kandor Water well RehabilitationSAM_0360

Construction begins for Kei Kamara/Michael Lahoud School

The groundbreaking ceremony for the Kei Kamara/Michael Lahoud Education for All Primary School was May 19, 2015. Our team is working hard to build this school. Construction on the school is progressing quickly!

Edu for All sch. 2-1

Here is the latest photo of the school 4 August, 2015. More to come soon!


Education For All Sch. 1 Education For All Sch. 5


Attention to detail!

DSC_0000172 IMG_1161


Setting the pillars to support the walls


The foundation coming together


Mixing cement to make the building blocks


Setting the foundation


marking footprintcommunity leaders ready for the ceremony

Community leaders break groundWorker waiting

Outline of the school foundationSand and rock needed for construction

Rocks at construction siteBlocks lying in sun to dry

Building a temporary water tank for constructionBuilding a temporary water tank